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UPDATE ENCORE                                                                                   OCTOBER 3, 2015
After uploading the final update to our web site in August we received a series of stories from William W. "Billy" Mahaffey, a Lacoochee native who now lives in Quincy, Fl.  Billy's stories are funny, poignant and from the heart.  It hits all of the marks we hoped to achieve when we opened the web site in 2010.  Billy reminds us once more that Lacoochee was a special experience for those of us who were fortunate enough to have lived it.  Chances are that experience cannot be repeated in our current culture.

EPHS Staff

Click on the following links to read the stories submitted by Billy Mahaffey:
Lacoochee, My Hometown
Keeping a Little Boy out of his Mama's Hair
Lacoochee Boys' Entertainment
Thanks to our faithful viewers, the following stories were added with our September 15, 2015 update:

Roy and Edith Foster of Lacoochee, Florida by Arno Webster Surls
Memories of former residents who enjoyed the woods surrounding the Lacoochee area.
You will also find Nell's Memory of the Fosters by Nell Moody Woodcock on this page.

Pasco County's Confederate Widows by Nell Moody Woodcock
An old newspaper article featuring two local Confederate widows

No Woodmen Shall Rest In An Unmarked Grave by Scott Black
An interesting history of the unusual headstones in our local cemeteries.
Pictures of these headstones can be found on the Gallery page.

Joseph William O'Berry, A Very Fine Man by Janice Stokes Thomas
Two cousins provide history and tribute to their great-grandfather

We have made a change to our menu by replacing the Dade City page with a Memories page. This change allowed us to publish some special memories from a viewer and staff members.

Memories of Robert Missouri by Wayne Groover
Recalling the influence this special person had on his life

One Day In Lacoochee by J. W. Hunnicutt
Reliving a day in his childhood, J. W. takes us back to a place in time that many of us can remember as if yesterday.

Remembering the Ferrell's by Nell Moody Woodcock and Wayne Groover
Two friends recall their memories of young Ferrell chilren.

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East Pasco Historical Society Mission Statement

Our mission initially is to preserve the early history of East Pasco County, Florida, including the communities of Lacoochee, Trilby, Trilacoochee and Clay Sink by recording the memories and stories of current and former residents. Later, when we get to the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s as the economy and other circumstances brought about change, we will expand our coverage to include other communities in East Pasco.

Although Lacoochee reached it's hey-day in the 1920's when Cummer Sons Cypress Company built a mill, hotel and houses for their employees, an established farming community had been in place since the mid 1800's.

We invite you to visit our web site and take a trip back in time to a place where life was simple but challenging and a job well done was appreciated.


Lacoochee Reunion - September 26, 2015 (Fourth Saturday of September)
The Lacoochee Reunion will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2015, 9 AM to 2 PM,  at the Christian Life Center, First Methodist Church, 37628 Church Ave., Dade City, FL.  Bring a dish to share!  Come visit with friends, near and far!  Bring photos and memories that you want to share with others.  For more information, call (352) 583-5004.

Trilby Cemetery Fundraiser
Questions about the Trilby Cemetery Fundraiser can be directed to Scott Black, president, at
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Lacoochee Cemetery Fundraiser -First Saturday of March
Contact Donald Surrency at 352-583-4445 or Ed Hines at 352-583-3591 for additional information.

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Questions can be directed to Scott Black, Co-ordinator, at 352/523-5772 or

First Baptist Church of Lacoochee Homecoming - Third Sunday of May
Contact Donald Surrency at 352-583-4445 for additional information.

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All good things must come to an end.  This proverb dates back to about 1374 and it appropriately applies to East Pasco Historical Society today. When we launched our web site in 2010 we had no expectations of how our readers (if any) would respond. We only wanted to preserve some of the flavor of East Pasco while some of the old-timers are still here to share their stories.
   Needless to say, the response has been overwhelming. There have been more than 11,000 visits to the web site. We have renewed old acquaintances and made many new friends. People have shared their memories and stories in their own words. There has been minimal editing of the stories on the web site.
   An unexpected serendipity has been hearing from people who have never been to Pasco County seeking help in finding long lost relatives, asking permission to use a photograph or just expressing appreciation for our mission.
   "The people here are quiet, hard-working, progressive and kind-hearted. They all think well of each other, and there is no evidence of jealousy, cliques or divisions among them to be seen. They welcome the stranger, be he visitor or intending new resident, cordially, assist him in every way and speed the parting guest in such a manner that he looks on the prospect of returning with pleasure."
   The paragraph quoted above is from an article about Lacoochee in the March 17, 1922 edition of THE DADE CITY BANNER and it reflects the spirit which runs throughout the stories contributed to the web site.
   During the past five years it has been our privilege and responsibility to share these stories as presented to us from people who feel blessed to have lived and grown up in East Pasco County. We three are also old-timers and it is time now to close this special and gratifying chapter in our lives.
   The web site will remain on-line until July, 2017. We suggest you consider printing any stories or photos which are of particular interest to you. We will also appreciate any comments or thoughts regarding the web site.
   We extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to all who have shared this journey with us.
          J. W. Hunnicutt     
          Nell Moody Woodcock
          Theresa Osbron Smith