This page will take you back in time to visit with class mates and school teachers.  We will provide pictures of various school years, classes and schools.  Maybe you will find yourself or some of your friends in these pictures.  We will identify those that we can but please don't be offended if we fail to identify you or a member of your family.  We will be glad to hear from you if you can identify those that we can not.

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Thanks to Jim St. Clair for the above pictures.  His display of school pictures at the Lacoochee Reunion this year was enjoyed by all. It was interesting to hear the comments of "That's my mother, or father, or grandparent"; "That's me"; "I remember him/her"; "Who is that"; "I know the face but can't remember the name".
Lacoochee - Class Unknown
The pictures above are copies from a souvenir program for the Wake Forest School, Trilby, Florida.  Copy was provided by the Una Mickler Dees family.
Thanks to Anita Chesser Webb for providing the following copies of the diploma and commencement program from Lacoochee Junior High of May 29, 1941.
Above is the Pasco High Class of 1955.