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By Nell Moody Woodcock

I was excited about doing the following story because the old tin blacksmith's shop in Trilby looked scary to me each time I went to Trilby. Anita (Chesser) Webb and I were friends/classmates in the 9th grade at Lacoochee elementary. Now I would be talking to her grandmother. 

If someone reading this unfinished story has the complete newspaper account filed away, please share a copy with us. We'd like the "rest of the story" concerning Charles Croft, the north Florida farmer, who it is reported settled in the community of Clay Sink when he moved to Pasco County.

Editor's Note:
We apologize for the blurry pictures in the article.  Occasionally a copy will not be as clear as we would like.  But we felt the story was important enough to overlook the fuzzy pictures.  If you click on the article, the pictures will not be as blurry.